It's such an honour for me to be able to create art AND be a part of someone's intimate and special day. I can't believe I call this my career, and here are some of my chronicles and adventures.

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Planning a wedding isn’t for the faint of heart — even with a lot of planning experience, there will inevitably be small random things that you didn’t even think about or think it was important that will come up. When you hire a professional wedding planner, that’s what you’re getting help with. Not only the […]

Vendor Spotlight: Social Calendar Events (Planner)

Vendor Spotlight

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Vendor Spotlight

Professional wedding makeup is SO IMPORTANT for your special day. Not only will you look flawless in photos, but it will make you feel glamourous and beautiful but YOU at the same time. In addition to spectacular service (super response times and amazing work ethic), Paige Griffith is a spectacular makeup artist in Vancouver, BC […]

Vendor Spotlight: Paige Griffith (Makeup)

bride holding bridal bouquet

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As I chatted with my clients and engaged friends, I noticed there were many things they didn’t know about wedding planning — where to look, what’s a “normal” price range, what questions to ask potential vendors, and what are some red flags. That’s why I’m starting an IG Live series to chat about different aspects […]

Let’s Talk: Bridal Makeup IG Live

Let's Chat IG Live

Signature wedding cocktail

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Wedding Planning

this post(ish)-pandemic world, the number of weddings to happen in 2022 is expected to skyrocket to the highest it’s being in over 30 years. This has caused a lot of strain and shortages in supply and services, like textiles, florals, even sensor chips for cameras. This has increased the prices of many goods and services, and when you’re planning a wedding, this all adds up! and below are some tips on how to navigate wedding planning in this wedding boom.

10 Wedding Planning Tips for the 2022 Wedding Boom